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Cetane & Bio-Diesel levels at Local Stations?
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ТЕМА: Cetane & Bio-Diesel levels at Local Stations?

Cetane & Bio-Diesel levels at Local Stations? 7 мес., 2 нед. назад #3185

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I have recently been reading about Diesel fuel, and how the rating system works and so on and so fourth. Here in Illinois, the only 2 stickers attached at most pumps says between 5-20% biodiesel, and 15ppm USLD. I have been told by several truck drivers, that they get poor fuel economy in Illinois, and attempt to avoid most stations in the area because we have "Terrible fuel". I take this information with the understanding that they probably have no research to back this up, but it gets me thinking.... I have tried to talk to people at the cash register about it..... My suggestion there is, don't! They stare at you like your crazy. I have tried calling and Emailing Mobil but they only respond with "I assure you our fuel is high quality, and within the legal parameters" There is a Shell station about 2 hours drive from my house that has 2 pumps, one says 55cetane 100% Petroleum Diesel, and one says 45cetane B11-Soy diesel, but thats written in sharpie and taped to the pump with packaging tape. How accurate can that be?

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