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Cavitypump for wmo is the nuts but 110v12v anyone?
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ТЕМА: Cavitypump for wmo is the nuts but 110v12v anyone?

Cavitypump for wmo is the nuts but 110v12v anyone? 9 мес., 2 нед. назад #3186

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Blimey...how many pumps have I been through ! Seems there is NO 100% duty cycle lift pump. Not even Carter et al imho. Have found some goodish ones but noted how manufacturer ABSOLUTELY would not guarantee it would cope with any oil added. Soo what to do ? Have considered pressurising tank but dont want to do that. Have seen fantastic mains voltage pumps..called a 'cavity pump'..too LARGE..made by Mono. Something like the Mono but 12v and smaller would be great. Is there such a thing ? ps. the cavity pump is ingenious...its simple a stainless steel rotating wobbly armature inside a thick rubber sleeve. hard to explain..complete simplicity...have not only sucked up thick heavy oil..but also bolts without damaging these things.

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