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ТЕМА: Bus dying/ Engine and fuel issue?

Bus dying/ Engine and fuel issue? 7 мес., 2 нед. назад #3190

  • jackneeson
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My bus died on me on a short trip the other day. I thought I was out of gas although my gauge said I had some. I put in about a gallon, tried starting it for about 25 minutes and it was a no go, so I called AAA for a tow, waited a little longer then tried it again while I was waiting for AAA. It fired up fine. I drove home and there was no issue. (The red bungee is just temporarily holding the fuel line up to see) A few days later, yesterday I fire things up, put in 5 gallons or so and drive a about 2 miles again, im cruising in 4th gear, about 45mph and I start slowing down (not a power loss/ electrical) I quickly get off the road and roll to a stop. The engine turns over perfectly, I have power, I have fuel, but think fuel isn't getting into the carbs? I ended up getting towed home.I put it up on jack stands, I don't see any hard kinked lines or major holes or leaks, for kicks I jumped in the bus with the back up on stands and it fired up again, idled great, was running great. I shut it off after about 30 seconds.I was using stock style VW filters then starting using this old school Holley type, I have about 250 miles on this filter and it's been working fine, I took a couple photos before wiping off and grease, funk or fuel. I'm nervous to drive it. Anyone know what it might be? It's a 1776 with dual 40 HPMX, probably 3000 on the engine, if even that. Did a recent valve adjust, I keep up on maintenance. You can see a little funk on the fuel hose near the filter in one of the photos before I cleaned it. Theres always been a slight bend in that link, maybe it's become an issue inside the hose?

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