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Ty Montgomery and Jamaal Williams are fine. I’d even venture to say they’re decent.Collectively Womens Muhammad Wilkerson Jersey , they’re the equivalent of sugar cookies.They’re good, and on occasion can really hit the spot, but they shouldn’t be anyone’s favorite dessert.Aaron Jones is like an ice cream cookie; he’s versatile, and (for the lactose intolerant) can be much more explosive than the other two.Jones, in his first game back off of suspension, made an instant impact on offense and showed why he’s the better choice for the Green Bay Packers at running back.On his first carry of the game, Jones made the right read but even with that read, if the first tackle was made, the play goes for a short gain of a yard or two.There’s some good and some bad with this play; the bad is that McCarthy is asking Jimmy Graham to run block a defensive end, which absolutely incenses me due to the sheer stupidity of the task.That’s like asking Andy Reid to run a marathon and expect him to finish top 30.Andy Reid is great, and Graham is great, but they are great at different things than what you’re asking of them.Jimmy Graham has never, in his 9 year NFL career, been a good blocker.Having him line up on the line with his hand in the ground and try to block Ryan Kerrigan on the edge is a giant L for the offense.Fortunately, there’s some good that helps mitigate this disaster.Corey Linsley, as the uncovered backside man, pulls to his right (I love it when you get a center pulling) and is there to cleanup the mess.The rest of the linemen block the man covering them with playside leverage meaning their head, hands and hips are to the playside of their defender,between their man and the ballcarrier. The linemen got a good burst off the line; Lane Taylor has already taken a step to his left by the time his man started to stand up out of his stance.Both Taylor and Justin McCray get good leverage and do a great job holding on to their blocks throughout the length of the run, and their success with those blocks sets up Jones well.With Linsley pulling, Taylor getting his DT, and David Bakhtiari dropping back to seal off the backside DE, Green Bay leaves the Will backer, #54 Mason Foster unblocked.This play is betting that Foster will take a conservative inside-out read - which he does - and Jones will run to the outside of him Womens Kentrell Brice Jersey , rendering him useless at the point of attack.Had Foster scraped over the top, he would have met Jones in the hole, but instead he gets caught in traffic and doesn’t affect the play.Bulaga picks up the other inside linebacker with ease, as he also jumps inside in an effort to get to Jones, and in the process, renders himself useless and the hole is now vacated by any front-7 defender.The issue is, Geronimo Allison isn’t able to block Josh Norman, who slices inside and gets his hands on Jones.Norman, if he would have made the tackle, stops this play for a short gain.This is where Jones’ elusiveness comes in; he puts a spin move on Norman and easily runs through his arm tackle (and an outstretched leg), and then proceeds to run through a Damarious Randall-esque attempt at a tackle by Montae Nicholson.The end result was 10 yards, and it all looked too easy.Until he did it again on the very next play.This time Graham was split out wide along with everyone else including Jones, and Washington only had 6 men in the box.Blocking was zone scheme and Green Bay decided to leave the backside DE, who was lined up in the 9 technique, unblocked.Again, the thinking is that a player lined up so far away from the intended running lane isn’t going to have an impact on the ball carrier until 4 or 5 yards downfield at the earliest due simply to the angles of the running back vs. the defender, as long as Jones hits the hole without hesitation.Jones came in motion all the way back to the immediate left of Rodgers and got the handoff.Each blocker won their respective battle, and again, Jones picks up 9 yards.Credit both the play design as well as the linemen here; spreading out Washington left open running lanes which means the only thing left to do is execute, and Green Bay did just that.The last play I’ll go over is something that gets me more excited for a competent run game than the other two plays.There’s a lot going on here, so stay patient with me.I’ll show you the play in full to start.Let’s start with the left side.Remember how I got steamed about how Jimmy Graham was being used as a blocker on the LOS? Well, McCarthy must have heard me yelling at him through the TV because he did the right thing this time.Instead of having Graham try and block anybody, he sprints to the flat and looks over his shoulder for a pass, and during the handoff Youth Josh Jackson Jersey , Rogers is looking Graham’s way to sell the possibility of a play-action pass.All of this action caused #53 Zach Brown to misread the play and begin to run with Graham to the outside, as they were in man coverage and Graham was Brown’s man.If Brown didn’t stick with Graham and Rodgers pulled the ball, it’s an easy 6+ yards.Instead, Brown begins to bail, and pulls himself out of the play.Look at his eyes when Jones is already at the LOS:Bakhtiari’s job is pretty easy; as his man doesn’t crash hard inside, all he has to do is stalk-block him and just get in his way a bit.Lane Taylor hops in to his right in order to seal off his man; his job is made even easier as the defensive tackle slants outside at the snap of the ball.Even if his man had gone straight up, Taylor had good positioning to still make the block.Daron Payne, the DT lined up over McCray slants inside but gets picked up by Linsley on a down block; had McCray been responsible for Payne, Payne’s slant makes that block difficult and could easily stop Jones at the LOS.Additionally, if Payne gets penetration off the snap it makes Linsley’s downblock more difficult as Payne might be quick enough to get around the block.Instead, Linsley doesn’t have to worry about the penetration as Payne’s first steps are horizontal towards the center.McCray is responsible for the Will linebacker, Foster, who doesn’t make a quick enough read on the play.The typical read is the backfield triangle; guard, RB, guard.While Foster has B gap responsibility, the steps by Lane Taylor end up looking like a hitch step in order to cutoff backside pursuit.A guard would only do this if the play is intended to go wide outside.Similarly, the block by Linsley on Payne could be read as a combo block coming to the 4 hole, or the spot between McCray and Jason Spriggs.The idea on a combo block is to have both Linsley and McCray block Payne and have Linsley work his hips around to McCray’s spot, sealing Payne off inside, while McCray would pop off and pickup Foster.It’s a very common block in zone schemes.Instead, Foster takes a few steps outside and McCray doesn’t even lay a hand on him, as he’s trying to get an idea as to where Foster is going.Mistake.But here’s what got me really excited; it didn’t matter that McCray missed, because Jones had Foster beat! Check out the bend by Jones as soon as he’s in the hole:Jones doesn’t slow down whatsoever, and is able to maintain great body control and leave Foster swiping at a ghost.This play combined the explosiveness that Jamaal Williams doesn’t have and the ability to read the running lane that Ty Montgomery doesn’t possess. Combined with smart scheming on the line Youth Jamaal Williams Jersey , and you end up with 17 yards.All we can do now is hope that McCarthy and company realize that Aaron Jones is the answer at running back and to feed the man the football. If you do, exciting things happen.Packers should play Montgomery & Jones together due to injuries at WR When injuries struck the Green Bay Packers at the most important position last season, head coach Mike McCarthy was either unwilling or unable to effectively manipulate his offense for Brett Hundley. Part of that failing must fall on Hundley himself, which is its own indictment of McCarthy’s coaching and evaluation of his backup quarterback. Hundley wasn’t ready for a job McCarthy said he was ready for and it cost the Packers. Now, with Randall Cobb dealing with a hamstring injury and Geronimo Allison in concussion protocol, McCarthy must acquit himself better in dealing with these key injuries. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t trust J’Mon Moore or Equanimeous St. Brown yet to contribute and rightfully so. Marquez Valdes-Scantling earned enough respect from QB1 to earn a couple targets in his first career start against Buffalo, including a beautiful 38-yard go route in the second half.But if neither Cobb nor Allison can go this week in Detroit, that basically leaves Davante Adams and Jimmy Graham as the only guys Rodgers has faith in to be where they’re supposed to be, and even the latter may not be on as solid a footing as initially believed in training camp. In short, the reporting of their instant connection may have been overstated as Rodgers has missed Graham open on a number of occasions early this season. The solution isn’t “sign Dez Bryant” no matter what Packers Twitter tells you. Moving Ty Montgomery back to receiver would present a major short-term headache and not actually solve any long-term problems for the Packers. That said, Montgomery’s versatility as a pass catcher could be exactly what this team needs with two of its top playmakers hurt.A beautiful concept, perhaps stolen borrowed from Washington turned into a huge play for Montgomery on a curl-wheel combination route. Jay Gruden dialed up a very similar scheme on the long Vernon Davis play at the end of the first half in Week 3. Montgomery has shown the ability to be a focal point of this offense, both on the ground and in the passing game. Now a running back officially, his presence doesn’t have to come at the expense of the other elite playmaker in the backfield, Aaron Jones. All it would take is borrowing a little from concepts the Packers have already used before under Mike McCarthy (so keep the “McCarthy would never do this” stuff to yourself. He’s literally already done it). Back in 2014, the last time the Packers truly threatened for a Super Bowl, McCarthy loved to play Cobb in the backfield as the solo back next to Rodgers in shotgun. It worked to varying degrees of success in 2013 and he brought it back with a wrinkle for the ‘14 season. Here’s the look from the Patriots game, inarguably McCarthy’s finest game as a playcaller and designer of offense. That’s Jarrett Boykin (!) behind Rodgers with Randall Cobb offset. The Packers used this same formation often that season, only with Lacy in the backfield and Andrew Quarless as the H-back. Played traditionally with the running back and tight end, defenses stay in base with linebackers on the field instead of defensive backs. Here, the Patriots have to go to a sub-package defense with light-tackling players like Darrelle Revis in the box. That should be advantage Packers. The success or failure of the play isn’t really the point. Make the defense work, make them think, and give them looks to have in their minds. On the other hand, imagine this same formation with Jones in the backfield behind Rodgers with Montgomery offset. If this give goes to Ty Youth Clay Matthews Jersey , he’s a much more physical presence than Cobb and has better instincts as a running back. The offensive line didn’t do a great job of creating space for the back, but that’s a flaw in execution, not design. Notice too, the safety Patrick Chung flies away from the play, concerned about Boykin on a pass fake after the handoff. That’s one less defender in an already light box. Give Donta’ Hightower credit for having this play all the way, but not all linebackers would sniff it out with ease. As noted above, the success or failure of this play is secondary to how it creates for the sister play. Here’s that same look later in the game. The Patriots defend it similarly, with sub-package defensive backs. This is a rare four receiver, one tight end set. Most teams wouldn’t cover the tight end with a linebacker as New England does, but this was Jamie Collins at his versatile peak. For most teams this same formation would likely only have one true off-ball linebacker on the field. Instead of giving the ball, the Packers run the swing to Boykin, which works well enough. Remember how we didn’t care about the success of the first play? It’s not about the handful of yards Cobb got running it. That was to set this up. With a more explosive player making this catch, the Packers might really have something. Look how the linebackers react to the initial run fake: they fly to Cobb, leaving the sideline wide open. Boykin only manages six yards, but the plays is designed to get the two blocks on the edge with the receiver 1-on-1 with a safety if he’s not fooled by the run fake. Imagine if that is Aaron Jones rather than Boykin. And that’s where this formation creates so many advantages for the Packers. If a defense chooses to play Green Bay out of traditional defensive personnel, Jones is now on the edge 1-on-1 with a linebacker, assuming he can even get over the sideline to be in position to make a play. If they play a lighter personnel grouping, the Packers have a clear advantage running the ball. This same set of concepts might actually work even better with two running backs, because teams are likely to keep their linebackers on the field, robbing them of speed to the edge. One of the reasons the Patriots defended this so well was the extra DB on the field. Cobb and Boykin are two true receivers. Jones and Monty are true running backs. Green Bay wouldn’t have to run this specific play with its two best backs, but this is an example of how dynamic such a pairing could be. They don’t have to just go run the same offense with rookies at receiver. McCarthy already has the institutional talent, both scheme and personnel, to makeup for any losses at receiver.
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