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Negotiating for a new car purchase
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ТЕМА: Negotiating for a new car purchase

Negotiating for a new car purchase 7 мес., 1 нед. назад #3195

  • AlexAmery
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I'm ready to buy a car. I test drove one, researched it, have the money ready, no trade in and no hurry. I've been contacting dealerships but they don't give me prices. It's all "when can you come in" and leaving me voicemail while I'm working. In my state, car dealerships have very limited hours that happen to coincide with my work hours. I can't even get them to repeat back to me the model I asked for. I'm looking for a LX and they keep talking about an EX (two different dealerships are doing this). No prices, just "when can you come in" and "we only have one of those left" or "those models were hot I don't know if I can find one." I don't believe them. They are trying to create a false urgency. I don't want to play games. I'm far too nervous to actually negotiate in person. Any tips to get them to stop wasting my time??

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you
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