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ARAG (or other) Legal Plans, useful? Feedback or r
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ТЕМА: ARAG (or other) Legal Plans, useful? Feedback or r

ARAG (or other) Legal Plans, useful? Feedback or r 8 мес. назад #3182

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I recently signed up for a legal plan which costs a set amount per month (roughly $25) and claims to cover expenses related to in network attorney fees for a variety of issues. I previously used some will and POA services offered by a similar Hyatt legal plan associated with my life insurance and was pleased with the “free to me” results so I figured I would try this as an experiment.
At worst I am out $300 for the year, and at best I get a couple useful hours out of an attorney on a topic like trust creation or tax audit defense or whatnot.
My question is: Has anyone used one of these plans from ARAG, or Hyatt, or another provider and if so was it worthwhile? What did you end up using it for (or not using it for because they decided your issue was not covered)? Examples would be excellent!
Either way I will report back in this thread with my experiences, but interested in what others have encountered. My first trial will probably be tax advice related to the paperwork and refilling necessary to take a loss on some now worthless Thornburg Mortgage stock that has been languishing since the financial crisis in 2008 and is in limbo because the company has not bothered to conclude their bankruptcy proceedings.

Any help will be apprecited.
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